18 Aug

Easy Cow Dairy-Free Pecorino Romano Cheese

I’ve always loved the Pecorino Romano cheese carried at Costco.  That they sell it at such an amazing price ($7.99/lb; just check out the price at any supermarket or deli and you’ll see that’s easily half off) is something I’m deeply grateful for especially now that I know it’s made from sheep’s milk!  When we were stationed overseas and deprived of the U.S.’s amazing resources, I used to buy this cheese and fly it with me in an ice chest.  I’d shave it into small slivers and enjoy for dinner with an anti-pasta tray, and be able to convince myself that I wasn’t deprived! I use this cheese for so many recipes as a Cow dairy replacement.  It really shines in anything Italian, but is also great in most French applications.  This cheese is awesome on pizzas, and is our replacement for mozzarella cheese (although a true Buffalo mozzarella would work great, too!).

Nutritional Note: This cheese is free of gluten, sugar and cow’s dairy. It’s allowed on SCD & GAPS diets!

Prep Time: It takes about one minute with a food processor.

Yield: I process the whole block of cheese, which averages around 1.8 pounds of cheese and yields around 6-7 cups of grated Romano.

Ingredient: 1 block of Pecorino Romano Cheese (Kirkland)

Kitchen Tools: Food Processor; I use the Breville Sous Chef with the standard blade for this recipe.

Recipe Cost: $14.46 or $2.41 per cup (assuming 6 cups yield)

GFPizzaCrust (78 of 66)

GFPizzaCrust (79 of 66)

Here’s how I take the large block of cheese and prep it for pizza night and other recipes.  First, I cut the block up into smaller pieces that my food processor can handle.

GFPizzaCrust (67 of 66)

GFPizzaCrust (80 of 66)

It already looks good, right?  Then I load it into the food processor using the standard blade attachment, and hit start.

GFPizzaCrust (81 of 66)

It only takes about 15-30 seconds, and I have a LOT of finely shredded romano cheese.  More than enough for both my pizza batches, with the leftovers in the fridge elevating breakfast omelets and any other thing that would benefit from a bit of salty cheese.

GFPizzaCrust (82 of 66)

GFPizzaCrust (83 of 66)

I pour the grated romano into a stainless steel bowl (I used a 4 quart bowl here), and I’m all ready to make my Best Ever Gluten-Free Pizza Dough.  Enjoy!


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