9 Nov

About Sarah Garcia Smicklas

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know this website and me!

A Certified Public Accountant-turned-military spouse and homemaker, my passion is for my family and creating the most nourishing, healthy home possible. I’ve always been fairly healthy and a runner with a passion for gourmet food. Marrying an active duty Coast Guardsman, having four amazing kids, moving every 12 to 24 months all over the U.S. and even overseas, have been some of the incredible life experiences that have shaped where we are today on our health journey.

After our second daughter, Emma, was born with chronic kidney disease in 2007, we began down the path towards whole foods, “nourishing traditions” and homeopathy to strengthen her little body for all it would have to go through. Many hospital stays, surgeries, and years later we discovered that Emma and her older sister, Mae, are allergic to wheat, cow’s milk and dairy, virtually all sugars and high fructose corn syrup, as well as chemical dyes and preservatives. Try grocery shopping with those limitations! The healthy path we’d started down began to feel like an overwhelming trek as I had to re-learn how to make delicious food my family would actually want to eat…and that was also good for them. I’ve had plenty of fails but hope to share my wins here with you!

I’m very detail-oriented (some would say OCD, but I prefer CDO…it’s in alphabetical order!) and I have had a lot of fun engaging myself in the challenge of providing as close to perfect nutrition for my family as possible. My definition of “perfect nutrition” keeps getting updated as better research and understanding of how our bodies work and metabolize becomes known. It’s a constant battle, but each day and each recipe we get better at optimizing our health. When I was earning my Masters in Public Administration, I learned about Peter Senge’s theory of the “Learning Organization” and his concept of a “Lifelong Learner”. Those principles resonate deeply with me, and I’ve dedicated myself to a lifetime of self-improvement and…learning! 

My objective in building this site and starting this blog is to share with others who may be struggling with the same challenges…and to hopefully make your life a little brighter, and a little easier. I’ve poured over cookbooks from great chefs and cooks, like Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Escoffier, Ina Garten, Thomas Keller, Elodia Rigante, Sylvia Sebastiani, Peter Reinhardt and so many others; pined with longing for favorite restaurant dishes from P.F. Changs and Sammy’s and so many others; my goal is to harness their winning ideas and techniques as well as incorporate the nutritional information I’ve gathered from great researchers into simple, practical, economical and accessible recipes that are yummy, truly good for you and free of these common allergens. Please read on for more information about our Food Philosophy.


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