9 Nov


This is a brand-new blog, but I have gotten a few questions that I’ll answer here and as I get more questions that make sense to add to the FAQ I will do so.  Please take a look under the Resources page at the Definitions & Techniques section, because I’ll have lots of helpful information in that section as well.

Q:   Where do you find your ingredients?  Where do you shop?

A:   Well, that really depends on where we’re stationed.  As an active duty military family, where we shop changes with each move!  The intent behind the question, I believe, is that it’s hard to shop at one place…like your neighborhood grocery store…to find the food that fits our Food Philosophy.  We are currently in Rhode Island, and we do have some great local farms that have some great offerings.  We get our eggs, honey, bacon, beef shanks and other more affordable cuts of meat as well as many of our seasonal vegetables from a local farm.  However, many cuts of meat are just too expensive for us (we can’t afford to feed a family on meat that’s $20/lb!) from local farms.  We are fortunate enough to have a small commissary at this billet and we buy the rest of our meat there, since they have a rule requiring that any meat sold through USG commissaries have no growth hormones or antibiotics used.  I’m told by the local commissary butcher (a CIA trained chef) that the meat is grass-fed and grain-finished, not perfect but it meets our budget and is a fair compromise.  For many health food items we drive to Massachusetts every six weeks or so to stock up at Costco, which has a surprisingly robust offering of health foods (including almond and coconut flours, high quality oils and butters, goat & sheep cheeses, etc.) for a hard-to-beat price.  I go to the local A Market (a co-op type market…oh I miss the Astoria Co-op we had last billet!) for really hard-to-find items (like Tamari and shredded raw coconut or raw cacao).   I also order through Amazon Pantry, which is adding a surprisingly bounteous offering of a variety of health foods (see my Great Ingredients for links).  On rare occasion I’ll make the hour+ drive to the closest Whole Foods, where I feel like standing in awe to absorb the beauty and magnitude of their produce section.  To me that incredible produce section feels like a little piece of heaven!

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