9 Nov


Here are some of the great websites that I find immensely useful and/or educational:

Weston A. Price Foundation. Weston A. Price was a dentist who traveled all over the world studying peoples with perfect teeth. It turns out those traditional peoples untouched by modern civilization and diets, who followed what Sally Fallon (current president and cookbook author) calls “Nourishing Traditions” happened to have perfect teeth without any cavities or decay. Dental health appears to correlate to longevity for reasons we partially understand (such as the bad bacteria in decaying teeth contributing to things like heart disease, for example). Weston Price has passed, but his legacy lives on and is dedicated to a diet that is unprocessed. Grass fed, pastured meats, raw milk, fermented cod liver oil and an anti-soy stance are some of the hallmarks of this very helpful, research-based non-profit. I especially recommend their baby formula recipe instead of the inferior processed formulas on the market today.

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